We love this city as much as you do!

Which is why we have invested hundreds of hours into Tasks for Transit.


Steve McClure

Steve McClure is a retired computer industry market analyst, with a specialty in software markets. He has been in the computer industry since its inception in the 1960's. Steve also sells books online. Steve McClure on LinkedIn


Brian Manning

As a student and aspiring entrepreneur, Brian co-founded Tasks for Transit as a way to give back to the community and help those in need. Brian was a student in Worcester from 2009 to 2016. He has experienced the challenges associated with public transportation in Worcester, and he is motivated in developing transportation solutions. Brian studies Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.



These are the people that make Tasks for Transit possible! Many of our volunteers are short term participants in specific projects.
Tasks for Transit would like to acknowledge the following volunteers:

Jessica Kudewicz - A Clark University students who helped as a staff assistant
Lou Swinand - A videographer who helped us produce our first video
Kesler Roberts - A local lawyer who assisted with Tasks for Transit's incorporation and other legal issues
Nathan Oldakowski - A Northeastern University student who researched crowd funding sites
Albert Surabian - An ex-paralegal who performed research projects
Emir Lopez - A videographer who helped us produce our first video
Sara Brown - A Clark University graduate who assisted Tasks for Transit with grant applications
Sonia Paulino - A web developer who helped with our website and social media
Adam Thielker
Jenn Falcon
Minna Gergerman

September 2017 Yard Sale Helpers:

Bill and Donna Lapan (loaned us 6 tables and let us use their parking lot)
Donna McClure
Fred McClure
Mike Peckar
Ellen Parkinson
Tom Baker
Jim and Maria Bueche
Bernadette, Breanna and Mike Winberg
Cam Holland
Patty Gardner and Arron Joseph
Annette and Jade Matthew-Burnett
Marty Moore (loaned us 6 tables)
Andrea and Steve Rogers (made exceptional in-kind donations)

Nonprofit Organizations

Partner Charities

Tasks for Transit would like to recognize its partner charities that dispense the day passes:

- Visitation House
- Multicultural Wellness Center Inc.
- Planned Parenthood
- Woodland Academy Wraparound Coordinator for homeless students
- YWCA's Domestic Violence Services group
- SMOC Homeless Shelter
- Parent/Professional Advocacy League
- Straight Ahead Ministries
- South Worcester Neighborhood Center
- Standup for Kids
- Interfaith Hospitality Network of Worcester
- Safe Homes (at the Bridge)
- Clemente Courses in the Humanities
- Hope Coalition
- Eliot Community Human Services
- Friendly House
- Veterans Inc.
- LUK Inc. Crisis Center
- Genesis Club
- Hotel Grace
- Dismas House
- Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance


Board of Directors

Brian Manning
Steve McClure
Beverly Droz
Malcolm Parkinson
Mike Peckar
Katherine Calano
Tom Baker
Annette Matthew-Burnett

Past members:
Karen Manning

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