68% of charities in the Greater Worcester area consider transportation extremely important to the fulfillment of their mission. However, most of them cannot provide transportation for the clients they serve. Tasks for Transit, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is working to address this problem.


Tasks for Transit provides free bus tickets to those individuals in the Greater Worcester area who could benefit most from receiving them. Tasks for Transit purchases these WRTA (Worcester Regional Transit Authority) day passes in bulk from the WRTA and distributes them to each of its partner charities on a regular basis. These partner charities then dispenses the bus tickets to those who are most in need.


Tasks for Transit significantly improves the well-being of those it serves. With access to public transportation, unemployed clients are able to get to job interviews and get jobs. As a result, Tasks for Transit contributes to our long-term sustainability. Tasks for Transit provides the missing transportation key for an underserved population, and as a result of this small measure, many clients see improvements in their quality of life.

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Receiving Free Bus Tickets

All tickets are distributed by Tasks for Transit partner charities. If you represent a nonprofit organization that serves the economically disadvantaged and would like to be considered as one of Task for Transit's partner charities, please email us at

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