Tips from a frequent WRTA bus rider

If you pay cash, each ride will cost you $1.75. You can also get a "day pass", good for up to 8 rides in one day, for $4.50. If you get a Charlie Card, each ride will only cost $1.60, but you must put at least $5 on the card. Get your card at the customer service window at the hub. You can load money onto it at one of the machines outside or in the lobby.
You can also buy a day pass on the bus, but be sure to tell the driver before putting any money in the fare box. You can also buy a 31-Day pass at the hub. This will give you unlimited rides, and costs $57. If you are using the bus more than 35 times a month, this is your best deal.

No matter where you are, all inbound buses end up at the Hub. At the Hub, you will find paper schedules for all the bus routes. On the platform there is a map showing the entire bus system. You will also find a sign explaining the rules for riding the bus.

Wait at the bus stop sign, and signal to the driver as the bus approaches. Outside the city limits, there are no official bus stops, so wait in a place where your bus can safely pull over. Before you board, make sure that you let everyone exiting the bus get off first. Have your fare ready. The fare box does not make change, but if you overpay, it can issue you a card for that amount, good for your next trip. If you ask, the driver will lower the bus making it easier for you to board. If you ride a bicycle to the bus stop, there is a bike rack on the front of the bus. If you are not sure where you are getting off, ask the driver or one of the passengers. When the bus approaches your stop, pull the yellow cord running the length of the bus. Finally, it is common courtesy to not take a seat in the front of the bus unless you are elderly or disabled.

Go to and you will find information about schedules, arrival times, and much more, including a real-time map showing where your bus is at the moment. Google Maps interacts with these features, allowing you to plan your trip in advance.